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Art at Warwickshire Wellbeing Clinic in association with Jan Rawnsley Art Gallery

We are delighted to be able to show art by local artist Jan Rawnsley at Warwickshire Wellbeing Clinic. All works are for sale and for more information about any of the pieces please feel free to contact Jan Rawnsley by calling the gallery on +44 1926 855715 or visit her website at www.janrawnsley.co.uk
Whitby Morning
Whitby Amusements
To the Beach
Santa Pola Quayside
Santa Pola Harbour
Homeward Bound
Nets and Ropes
Flight across the Sands 2
East Cliff Sands
Crossing the Moor
Carabasi Beach
Brimham Rocks
Wisteria Study
Harbour In Mind
Bridlington Harbour
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